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14. March 2020 By Walter Price 0

…that’s fine by me, SINGLE: HEAVY HEAVY – Dead Weight and Broken Dreams

Heavy Heavy – Dead Weight and Broken Dreams is available at Bandcamp.

Heavy Heavy

by Walter Price

Since the onslaught of social media and fake it til ya make it attitudes and personas, its a fresh kick to the rock n roll soul to discover a band thats as authentic to their craft as they are to themselves. Berlin-based Heavy Heavy, a band that thrives better than most within their crunchy sleaze rock, is on a mission to bring a good time to the forefront of rawk.

And what caught me as refreshing is their honest (and hilariously twisty) press one-sheet. While most add lots of glitter and false comparisons to garner the most attention, this trio said Fuck It, let us be Heavy Heavy. Here it is in full:

“The song [Dead Weight and Broken Dreams] echoes the band’s main influences like Royal Blood, Dinosaur Pile-Up and Death From Above while flirting with the occult desert tumbleweed aesthetic of All Them Witches and Queens of the Stone Age. The trio picked the song as an opener for a series of tracks they plan to release this spring.

We name all working titles after animals, and the title for this one used to be ‘Caterpillar’. It’s a mid-tempo chonky thing that eventually evolves into a colourful butterfly at the end….”

“HEAVY HEAVY was formed in Berlin in 2019 with members from the US, Ukraine, and Finland. Since then they’ve been actively playing in and around their hometown as well as opened for international acts. With years of individual experience from writing, recording and performing, Chance, Val and Linus immediately set to writing songs – fuel for the machine that they had decided to call Heavy Heavy. A dumb, but effective, name for an equally dumb but effective band.

“They also wrote this press release about themselves in the third person, since that makes them look more professional.”

Come on, you’re favorite new down and dirty desert-psych rock n roll band is here to melt your face off with that sort of wink and a smile that would make Josh Homme pleased as punch. And you can feast your twitching soul on the dirty flamingo rockers‘ debut track and a special live-performance below.


+ A Deadly Bite (Live at Volta Berlin)

Recorded at The Famous Golden Watch studios
Mixed by Cameron Gillette
Mastered by Greg Abate

Chance – Bass & Vocals
Val – Guitar
Linus – Drums

Band photo by Stefanie Ren Photography

Heavy Heavy

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This is our first big boi/big görl/big person song and we are absolutely slapped in the teeth about it. Do us a favor and think of someone you love or hate that might love or hate this and send it their way with a cute note like “I had a dream we had an orgy with Paul Giamatti.” – HH

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