Angela Powis Aphrodite
21. April 2023 By Walter Price 0

…it won’t hurt, ANGELA POWIS Aphrodite

Angela Powis Aphrodite is available on Bandcamp, Apple Music, SoundCloud

Angela Powis Aphrodite

by Walter Price

The recent single “Aphrodite” from burgeoning Worcestershire indie pop crafter Angela Powis is quite the episodic trip. With an origin story described by Powis as “I wrote this song in despair that I’d lost someone I loved and I thought I’d never find love again.” And from infatuation to the divine guidance and realization that the singer may be ok flying solo, all the milestones of love, loss, and stability are met along the way.

But what’s just as interesting as this single’s vast pop lyrics is the quirky and otherworldly production. Working with a producer called zane98, Powis and company took popular formulaic pop sounds and twisted ’em up just enough to be all their own. The rawness is all the ethereal magic. Nearing the creative territories of seminal art-pop heroes Aldous Harding and Strobegirl.

Powis has dropped a handful of singles of late and would be pertinent for any indie pop fan to catch her wave early. You can Stream “Aphrodite”, here at the GTC.


Artist photo via Facebook // Bio excerpt via

Writer, singer Angela Powis
Mixing mastering – Jana Schmidt
Producer zane98

website // facebook // instagram

Hey, I’m Angela Powis, I make thought-provoking pop music until it doesn’t hurt anymore—I started creating music a few years ago, to find some sort of outlet. To get all the thoughts I had in my mind out. To find peace and finally free myself.” – bio

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