Eagles of death metal interview
27. November 2015 By Walter Price 0

And then I cried, Eagles Of Death Metal About Paris VICE Interview

Eagles of death metal interviewMusic is what we do, it’s our lives…

by Walter Price


Forgive me if I quote the wrong¬†person here but I believe it was Missy Elliot who said, ‘Music should be your escape.’ I understand and believe in those words, I have for decades now and try to instill that line of thinking in my young children. As the events of 13 November 2015 played out in frantic snippets of confused information across my computer screen I found myself thinking, ‘Not again, how can we stop this bullshit?!’…

As a human that has always relied on music for every situation, feeling and atmosphere to set things right or to soundtrack my whatevers, it smashed me in the soul to hear that a concert hall was one of the spots that cowardly terrorists decided to enact their misguided agenda.

I’ve never had the pleasure in my storied and lingering career to meet the members of Eagles Of Death Metal but that doesn’t matter. What I know of the band, their music and their interaction with their fans is that this is a group of true musicians, working hard to keep their brand of rock n roll authentic and subsequently cool. The kinda music that fans don’t just passively enjoy, they get deep into it, they escape into the thumping rock landscapes EODM are painting.

I hurt so deep for those human beings who lost their lives and those who were injured, their families that November night. I prayed hard for solutions and calm. I wanted to help but knew I couldn’t. I waited for the news to slow, waited for the actual to come forward. I wanted to know the truths. VICE Magazine sat down with EODM for an interview about what happened that Paris night…and I cried.



long live rock n roll