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27. November 2015 By Walter Price 0

3 Reasons Why Plus 1 Which Makes 4 Reasons Why Goldie Lookin Chain


foto cropped from GLC’s Kings of Caerleon

by Walter Price


I’ve always considered hip-hop in most forms to be folk music. The conveying of the artists’ or author’s perceptions of the world they hail in song. Commentaries that tell tales in often frightening realism, hard core thoughts laid out for the listener to voyeuristically climb into and feel where the narrator is dwelling.

When you add some humor to the societal storylines, even perceived vulgarity you could find yourself in the sounds of UK collective Goldie Lookin Chain. The outfit is of course at times a dub-step induced hip-hop troupe but also closer to a multi-faceted arts consortium if you will. Their razor sharp views via verses explaining, calling out and straight-up mocking their worlds and society is pop culture as a whole has garnered them not only accolades but at times jeers and controversy as well.

Hey, the best artists have been the ones to take it past the comfortable limit. Go to those places grandma finds extremely uncomfortable even if it is the truth starring at her in the face. That is what realistic, non-fluffy art does. Intimidate the norm if it must but let the truth be told in whatever fashion the creator finds their voice speaking and let the rest play out. Besides, biting tongue-in-cheek never hurt anyone, not many anyway.

Here are just 3 (+1) of the Reasons Why Goldie Lookin Chain.


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