aleigh monster
29. October 2021 By Walter Price 0

…if we make it out, ALEIGH Monster

ALEIGH Monster is taken from the forthcoming album, ‘Self Made Sorrows’.

Aleigh Monster

by Walter Price

“There’s a monster out there. Not like one I’ve ever seen before…”, sings songwriter ALEIGH, Irish purveyor of brooding noir pop, in her brand new single, “Monster”. A timely release considering all the spooky that’s been playing out over the past couple of years and what may be lying in wait just around the corner. But what is she really referencing in this Nick Cave meets Lisa Gerrard-vibed track?

Is it the separations caused by the pandemic, maybe it’s simply a song about lovelorn souls, or maybe she’s actually afraid of the actual unseen dangers the new world has for us all… Like with any well-written pop song, you’ll have to listen and figure it out for yourself. Maybe you’ll conjure up something far more self-fitting. What is scratched in stone, is that “Monster” is a haunting pop song only made more bone-chilling by its near macabre arrangement/instrumentation and its eerie music video.

Directed by Kristian Mantalvanos, who also helmed the “I’m All Wrong” video, the film follows ALEIGH(s) into the dark and treacherous forest with stark imagery of spiders and prey, an ax-wielding stranger, and more ominous things that go bump in one’s weary mind. Creating just as much tension and mystery as the song’s lyrics do, this film is hand-in-glove with this brilliantly lurking song.

And you can brave the music video and stream ALEIGH’s Top Spotify Tracks, here at the GTC.

ALEIGH Monster

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Written by ALEIGH
Mixed and mastered by Sean Kavanagh.
Recorded, produced, and performed by ALEIGH and Sean Kavanagh.
Video by Kristian @ Mofrizmedia.

Artist photo via YouTube

aleigh monster

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This track will feature on my upcoming album Self Made Sorrows. Video by Mofrizmedia. Recorded and performed by both myself and Sean Kavanagh. Mixed and mastered by Sean Kavanagh and produced by Sean and myself I hope you enjoy MONSTER…Have a hell of a weekend folks.” – ALEIGH, Facebook, posted on October 28, 2021.

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