Budapest Undead
30. October 2021 By Walter Price 0

a horror movie that never existed, DUTCH FALCONI Budapest Undead

Dutch Falconi – Budapest Undead is available on Apple Music, Bandcamp, Spotify, Aurore Records.

 Budapest Undead

by Walter Price

Someplace between the creepiness of the stories of Jack the Ripper, vampires and Sleepy Hollow, a carnival fairway, and Eastern European mysticism, composer Dutch Falconi’s timely ‘Budapest Undead’ is a 13-track journey into the mischievous mind of a brilliant madman. Creating sonic textures and vignettes that, of course, could score endless amounts of hair-raising thrillers, but what these tracks ultimately do is cause fanciful escapism.

With an indelible concoction of macabre and whimsy, the LP is described in a Bandcamp post, “As the soundtrack & score to a horror movie that never existed, Budapest Undead is a concept album of sorts. Released around Halloween by design, the hope is that it’s received as more than just spooky orchestral music with a Hungarian / Eastern European flair. In keeping with the old adage that the book is always better than the movie, my wish is that through the music, the listener will be able to transport themselves into their own personal horror film narrative. Imagine the flickering marquee: Now Showing in minds everywhere – Undead.”

With so many thrills and chills intertwined with plenty of moments of surprise and intrigue, ‘Budapest Undead’ is far more than an album to soundtrack your Halloween soirees and mischievous shenanigans, it’s an album that will inspire and captivate the imagination year-round.

Kudos Mr. Falconi, you’ve done it again…

DUTCH FALCONI Budapest Undead

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Written and produced by Dutch Falconi at Studio Jägerhalle in 2021.

Digital Mastering by Erman Aydöner at EA Masters, Istanbul, Turkey. Released by Aurore Records.

Budapest Undead

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Musician, composer, and producer. I’m a recovering swing big band leader from the ’90s and a reluctant multi-instrumentalist. I play and record my cimbalom, bandoneon, cello, bass, and guitar tunes for you to use and enjoy. Cheers!.” – Dutch Falconi, bio

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