Freaky Halloween 2022 halloween 2021 / Llum Photography
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Freaky Music Videos for Freaky People for a Freaky Halloween 2021

Halloween 2021: Freaky People love Freaky Music Videos now at Global Texan. Boo.

Freaky Music Videos for Freaky People for a Freaky Halloween 2021

Boo, It’s that time of the year to dust off your freaky and flaunt your shadowy side. We, the goons at GTC, has compiled a gnawing playlist of the scariest, mind-blowing, and heebie-jeebie provoking yikes fests this side of woke-culture, pandemic, and social media themselves… personal demons, snakes, vampires, creeped out creeps, funky kids, and a whole bunch of late-night WTFs.

Like George Carlin said, “When you’re born you get a ticket to the freak show.” So, try not to hide under your turtleneck while you check out this year’s Freaky Music Videos for Freaky People…You’ve Been Warned! Happy Herbst, Freaks…


MGMT – Kids

Ray Tintori, director

Broken Peach – Tainted Love

Photography by Llum Photography

The Toadies – Possum Kingdom

Thomas Mignone, director

Billie Eilish – bury a friend

Michael Chaves, director

Rich Girls – Sink Like Stones

Stokes McIntyre, director

Wolf Alice – You’re A Germ

Chris Grieder, director


Jannie Hondekom, director

David Bowie – Blackstar

Johan Renck, director

Queens Of The Stone Age – Sick, Sick, Sick

Brett Simon, director

Geto Boys – My Mind Playing Tricks On Me

Black Bananas – HEY ROCKIN

Video by braindrain industries animations by pretzelworld

Article cover photo by Franz Sedlacek is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International

Broken Peach photo by Llum Photography

halloween 2021 / Llum Photography

wolf alice – rich girls – david bowie – billie eilish – toadies – black bananas – qotsa –  DIE ANTWOORD – broken peach – war twins – MGMT

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