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WOODLAND CREATURES Creature Features Vol. 1

Woodland Creatures – Creature Features Vol. 1 is available on Spotify, Bandcamp, SoundCloud.

by GTC

For many, the recently released compilation “Woodland Creatures – Creature Features Vol. 1” will be an introduction to the ‘wonky beats’, ‘sassy trip-hop’, ‘passionate vistas’, and ‘dusty low-slung’ vibes of loungy techno artists DUCKS!, Skwirl, Nihon Ten, Young Weather, Joseph S. Joyce, and Yvois.

A set best described by the collective’s press release as, “For Berlin-based leftfield label Woodland Creatures’ inaugural release, label head Skwirl has invited a few dear friends to kick off the journey with a free debut 9 track compilation – Creature Features Vol. 1. Spanning electronica, triphop, downtempo, and even a touch of indie pop this is a varied collection of quirky, colourful tracks that perfectly encapsulate the diverse palette the label will continue to explore in future releases.”

As you prep for your weekend groove, we thought it best to go Track x Track this fresh new set of underground sounds.

WOODLAND CREATURES Creature Features Vol. 1

Ducks! – A Proposition


Kicking off with their unmistakable colourfully upbeat flavour, we’re treated to Ducks! in full effect with the very suitably titled “A Proposition”. Dreamy, mesmerizing vocals layered with subtle hooks, a beautiful bass line, and lush instrumentation makes this a real ear-worm in the best way.

Skwirl – An Experiment in Sound


Skwirl’s welcome to the party is the summary “An Experiment in Sound”. Jazzy sample snippets punctuated with Skwirl’s signature flair for the quirky make this a romp through pastoral vistas.

Nihon Ten – Oh Wow


Nihon Ten’s “Oh Wow” is classic sassy trip-hop with a killer bass line underpinning kaleidoscopic bliss in a delicious throwback to low-slung 90s instrumental hip hop. Truly a corker – full stop.

Skwirl – An Interlude in the Garden


We take a brief moment in the sun with the swirly vocal loop-driven broken beat affair that is Skwirl’s “Interlude in the Garden”.

Yvois – Don’t You Agree


Yvois picks the pace back up with joyful aplomb with the spritely and gorgeous “Don’t You Agree”. With catchy vocal cuts, a lovely bit of hang drum, and driving splashy old skool breaks – it’s top form vibes.

Skwirl – Oosterhout Zuid


Skwirl’s “Oosterhout Zuid” continues his sun-drenched offerings with a funky rhythm section underpinning a light beer by the waterside vibe with gentle chords and one pretty gnarly bit of bass stab-ery.

Joseph S. Joyce – Honor Among Thieves


Bringing some classic dubby vibes is Joseph S. Joyce’s “Honor Among Thieves”. Delicious driving hi-hats compliment mesmerizing synths, gentle tufts of bass and a delicate haunting melody wrap up the listener and make the heartbeat a little slower. Wondrous after-hours business.

Skwirl – Rogue Like


Skwirl returns with “Rogue Like” a down-the-center break chopping back alley beat with more than a few cheeky samples twisted around a decidedly darker vibe.

Young Weather – Touches as Brittle as the Moon on Your Hands


Closing out the record is Young Weather’s dusty, achingly nostalgic, and low-slung “Touches as Brittle as the Moon on Your Hands”. With a beat that is constantly emerging from underwater, wisps of delicate rain like textures blipping about a lovely bass line, and a fleetingly gorgeous moment of tender vocals – it is the perfect conclusion to the proceedings.

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