3. September 2013 By Walter Price 0

Albums Out Today: 3 August 2013

Glasvegas – “Later When The
TV Turns To Static”

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  • Glasvegas – Later When The TV Turns To Static
“But, in spirit, their third album takes them back to their origins as an independent group from Glasgow making defiantly direct music in an age of detachment. The title track, and opener, has James Allan confessing that “I think my friends have all given up on me” and musing that “the outside world looks so cinematic”, but by the second verse it becomes clear that it’s written from the point of view of an inmate inside a correctional facility. The theme of isolation runs throughout. “All I Want is My Baby” zooms out and in at the same time, Allan sounding close to the precipice when he sings “economic, cultural and social hypocrisy kills me inside…” – Simon Price (Review for Independent.co.uk)
This is an older NMA track from their Mississippi Folk Music Vol. 1 album