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EMMA6 – Passen (Q&A)

“Passen” Out Now

By C. Price

EMMA6 are on their way high into the German music sky. Brueder Henrik und Peter Trevisan und Dominik Republik are gonna start their tour through Germany on September 11thin Krefeld. They have just released their second album “Passen” in August.
“Bedienen ist dabei ein gutes Stichwort. Denn eigentlich ist “Passen” nicht nur Soundtrack, sondern auch Best-Of der zumeist kommerziell erfolgreichen, deutschsprachigen Musikszene.” – Andreas Menzel (plattentests.de) 
TODAY EMMA6 is set to put out the video for their title track “Passen” on YouTube. (to view video, click HERE)
Recently I had the chance to talk to Peter, Henrik and Dominik. Here is what they had to say: 

After releasing your second album “Passen” you’re about to hit the road. What can the audience expect?
We’re really looking forward to finally be on the road. It’s the first time we play the new album live and therefore we’re pretty excited. The audience can expect a far more dynamic and versatile setlist than we had back in 2011, as we’re able to choose from two records. They will experience nothing less than the best EMMA6 show ever.

How was working on “Passen” different than on your debut album “Soundtrack fuer dieses Jahr”? Did you have the freedom to work on your own time schedule?
Our first record was a collection of songs that we wrote in the first 5 band years. “Passen” is much more a snapshot of what we experienced in the last year. Many songs were written in the studio and are therefore stylistically different to those of the first album, as we were inspired by instruments and sounds that you only have in the studio. We were lucky to work with Mark Tavassol, who did not say “Hey guys, we have 3 weeks, let’s hurry”, but instead gave us as much time as we needed to feel comfortable with the new songs.

Where does EMMA6 find inspiration?
We find inspiration in almost everything we do. This mostly happens in everyday situations when we’re not expecting it. Therefore it’s always good to have mobile phone or a pad to record melodies and write down lyrics.

How would you say you stand out from all the others?
For us as a band this question is almost impossible to answer, as we don’t have the necessary distance to judge our music in comparison to others. Furthermore, we don’t need any distinction from other bands to pursue our art as long as we and our fans like what we do.

Who is your biggest rival in the German music scene?
Making music is not a matter of competition. We would never call another band a rival, this is not our understanding of art. If you have something to say and your music means something to people, you will find your niche in the musical landscape, no matter where it is.

Where does your passion for music come from?
We all have been loving music ever since, even before we had a band. When you feel you can express yourself by means of an art form, you will automatically generate a passion for it.

Do you remember what kind of music you listened to when you were younger?
We remember listening to a lot of rock and alternative bands such as Nirvana and the Red Hot Chili Peppers when we were younger. Some of them generated the wish to become a musician and made us buy our first guitar and drum set.

From a musicians perspective how is interacting with fans for you? Does it become exhausting at some point?
For us, staying in contact with our fans is very important. We maintain our web- and Facebook site on our own and personally read every email that arrives us. Even if there’s isn’t always time to answer every email, we try our very best. But this is not a matter of duty, we enjoy being in close contact to the people that listen to our music.

What are the plans for next year?
We don’t have an exact plan for the next year yet, but after the tour, we’re gonna start writing songs again. If this works out well, we will probably be recording the next record in 2014.

Name things that are still on your bucket list. 
A backpacker tour through South East Asia and our 20iest band jubilee.[sic]

Name three songs that will stay with you for the rest of your life. 
“The Joker”, “Weeping Willow” and “Yesterday”.

Worst venue you’ve ever played in? 
An open air stage without a roof (in the middle of the show it started raining).

Name one nasty habit you can’t live without.
Farting in the tour van.

Would you leave your phone at home for at least one day? 
Sometimes we do.

Das wars. Ganz herzlichen Dank nochmal und viel Erfolg fuer die kommende Tour.
Danke für das Interview!

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