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Albert Hammond Jr. Is Right On!

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By Walter Price

One of the most reasonable members of The Strokes, Albert Hammond Jr. has announced a handful of dates to supports his recently released EP AHJ. Clever indeed!

It is no secret that I normally stay away from all things The Strokes but I have been finding Hammond’s short but right-on offering pretty great, Dig It!

I love honesty in music as much as I enjoy ballsout Rock N’ Roll and here you get way more of the first and well worth the download fee. Do It!

Seems like Mr. Hammond Jr. had himself a free expression blast writing and producing this little nugget of indie-rock sweetness. Alas,he isn’t straying too far from Strokes ringleader Casablancas, being that he has released this EP on Julian’s Cult Records

“It almost feels better than making a record, because instead of spending twice the amount of time, it’s much less time.” – Albert Hammond Jr. (RS.com)

I would also like to mention that I have truly enjoyed Albert’s stellar run in the press this past few months. Very coherent takes on the world and people around us. Search Google and enjoy the reads…
Anyway, this leads me to say this. I actually want to see one of The Strokes live. No kidding and Albert has posted some good to go dates right there on his website!

European Dates
02 Dec. – Paris
03 Dec. – Amsterdam
05 Dec. – Brighton
07 Dec. – Glasgow
08 Dec. – Manchester
09 Dec. – Leeds
10 Dec. – London
12 Dec. – Milan
13 Dec. – Rome
14 Dec. – Bologna
16 Dec. – Madrid

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