8. November 2013 By Walter Price 0

Your GTC Top 5 For 8 November 2013

Happy Friday Friends!

We’ve been hard at work over here at The GTC this past week, mostly behind the scenes. But that is all about to change as we have been working on some stellar interviews and reviews for your reading pleasure!

We’ll be able to fill you in very soon! Check back with us or watch our Facebook Page for excessive posts about all things GTC.

The ‘Current Top 5’ will appear different that of the ‘Hot GTC 5’. The Hot GTC 5 is tabulated over several days and The Current Top 5 is calculated from today’s numbers only. Did I make that more confusing?

Once again and as always friends, we sincerely thank you for stopping by to check out what we have going on…MUCH LOVE!

Your Current Top 5 Links (click, share & enjoy)
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  2. Review: Derringer – ‘Derringer Live’
  3. Mammoth Mammoth Will Bring You Hell
  4. Imperial State Electric – ‘Reptile Brain Food’
  5. Thoughts On Sir Paul’s & The Beatles’ New Releases
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