Clara Luzia We Are Fish
8. November 2013 By Walter Price 0

Clara Luzia On The Road

We Are Fish
Out Now

By Walter Price

One of the most remarkable voices, male or female to emerge this past decade, Clara Luzia, has announced, via her website, another round of tour stops in support of her  March 2013 release We Are Fish

My total enjoyment of what Luzia gives the world started back in ’07 when I received a copy of The Long Memory for Christmas. An immediate musical relationship was sparked as I couldn’t stop listening to this Austrian songstress’ intriguing tales of loss, love and the world through the soft, whispery and powerfully emotional voice of a woman I had never heard of before this gift was given.

I have spoken of few albums that I consider every track to be as relevant and/or important as the others on the release. The Long Memory is such an album and will go down as one of the most important albums I’ve had the pleasure of discovering in who knows how long. Dig It!

Clara has now proven herself far beyond the dime a dozen ‘indie-rock chick’ genre that critics like to place female rockers, with her dynamite We Are Fish

I really don’t want to say that there is so much more maturity on this album but I may have to. Not to say that Luzia has lost one once of whimsical wonderment in verse here but there is certainly growth, life experience and clearer social consciousness seeping from the 9 tracks and did someone turn her guitar & vibrato up? Yeah! 
And now I will finally get my chance to see her live! Check your coin-bags and set aside the cash for a show or two, I bet we’ll run into you at some point…

Tour Stops
21 Nov. – Stuttgart, DE
22 Nov. – Traunstein Forstress, DE
23 Nov. – Bern, CH
29 Nov. – Warsaw, PL
05 Dec. – Vienna, AUT
13 Dec. – Kufstein, AUT

06 Jan. 2014 – Leipzig, DE
07 Jan. – Berlin, DE
08 Jan. – Hamburg, DE
09 Jan. – Frankfurt, DE
10 Jan. – Jena, DE

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