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11. September 2020 By Walter Price 0

Am I getting somewhere? SINGLE: ADAR ALFANDARI – How I’m Gonna Make You Mine

Adar Alfandari – How I’m Gonna Make You Mine is available at Spotify, Apple Music.

by Walter Price

Following in the beloved footsteps of Bon Iver, James Blake, and James Taylor, Israeli singer-songwriter Adar Alfandari’s recent single, “How I’m Gonna Make You Mine”, is a sweet ode to striving to obtain what you desire… if only you can muster the courage. A delicate love song with duality sewn into the beautiful verses.

One way you may hear this poetic serenade is that it’s the thought processes of an admirer trying to find the right way and perfect scenario to take that first step. And perhaps another way you could interpret it, that its one’s search for happiness. May that be God, peace, success, romance, or whatever may lie ahead. Entering a new phase of life is full of bewildering paths. As both of these options are weighty and now that this song has been set free, it’s up to the listener to make it their own.

I feel obligated to mention that this song has some of the loveliest lyrics that I’ve heard in some time. Verses full of wisdom and innocence. For example, this set in the center of the track…

I stole some fruits from my neighbor’s garden
He didn’t notice at all
I drove until my fuel tank was empty
And searched an hour for gas

Am I getting somewhere?
Or is the wind deceiving me
And makes me keep ongoing
Or are my memories fading now?

Wordsmithery along with Alfandari’s whispery voice, that, at times, nicely cracks, and that melody carried by brilliant guitar and violin work makes this fresh single soundtrack-ready and you should get this one on your making-the-first-move playlist.

You can now stream “How I’m Gonna Make You Mine” and watch the film, directed by Erez Shany, below.


Artist photo by MOSHIKO TISHLER 

Guitar and Vocals: Adar Alfandari
Violin: Avner Kelmer
Musical Production and Mix: Idan Katz
Mastering: Aran Lavi

Film: Directed and Filmed by Erez Shany

Adar Alfandari

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I walked late at night to see the sunrise
And missed it when I looked back
I planned a long trip to the heavens
And got blocked by the reaper

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