Sweet Soubrette
12. September 2020 By Walter Price 0

SWEET SOUBRETTE – Almond Milk and Eggs / Making Do

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There’s an obvious uniqueness when it comes to the sort of pop songs Brooklyn’s Sweet Soubrette [Ellia Bisker] conjures up. Parts turn of the 20th Century Coney Island, parts Vandevilille circuit with plenty of whimsy and shadowy storytelling. Perhaps it’s this performer’s sugary voice coupled with her ukulele that brings the enchanting aspect to her brilliantly off-kilter tunes. Whatever it is, there are few like her and she continues to intrigue new and long-time fans alike with her tracks for and about the era of the pandemic and worldwide chaoses.

“Almond Milk and Eggs” / “Making Do”, both have their charm, melodies, and pulse working in mesmerizing unison. Soft, poignantly eerie, and earnest, these two tracks are authentic reminders of a time when I believe, we’d all like to forget, but since we can not do so…its fair to have a couple of captivatingly twisty songs to keep us enthralled.


Ellia Bisker: vocals, ukulele
Ash Andrews: vocals
Phil Andrews: electric bass, upright bass, trumpet
Lyrics by Ash Andrews and Ellia Bisker
Music composed by Ellia Bisker
Produced by Ellia Bisker
Cover art by Ori Cosentino

Ellia Bisker: vocals, ukulele, scissors, percussion, sewing machine
Phil Andrews: trumpet
Jeff Morris: piano
Patricia Santos: cello
Written and composed by Ellia Bisker
Cello arrangement by Ellia Bisker and Patricia Santos
Produced by Ellia Bisker
Cover art by Carolyn Raship

Artist photo via the Night Owls music video, a film by Tim Caldwell (2016)

Sweet Soubrette

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Now it’s set in
And we move slow
Drawing out the days
Like the almond milk and eggs
We don’t think
About tomorrow

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