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BROKEN BABY – Madonna’s a Dick is available at Apple Music, Broken Baby / Egg Drop Soup pre-order.

Madonna's a Dick
Madonna's a Dick

by Walter Price

Do you remember that tables will turn workplace movie ‘9 to 5’? The one where Lily Tomlin, Dolly Parton, and Jane Fonda fight the good fight as they flip the script on the stereotypical male chauvinist pig? Just imagine if that before-its-time scenario was today and transformed into a crunchy rock n roll song inspired by the treatment of one of pop music’s most powerful female icons? Never fear, Broken Baby, are here!

The LA outfit has quickly returned with a blistering new single, “Madonna’s a Dick”, that points a finger at the all-too-true unbalanced perception of gender dynamics. While a man is considered macho and sexy if he gets what he wants, a woman, on the other hand, is often considered to be a bitch. As the following press blurb from BB’s record label will attest…

“Madonna’s a Dick” was inspired by the 80s documentary “Heavy Metal Parking Lot,” where the zebra-print jumpsuit guy gives his opinion on Madonna. “She’s a dick,” he says. “That stuck with me,” Amber [Bollinger] says, “how at every level in popular culture, women are met with systemic sexism and summarily dismissed. It made me think, if she were a guy, ‘They’d probably give her a raise, she’d be the president of the United States,’ which became the chorus.”

A much-needed conversation starter conveyed through a catchy rock song? Damn Right! And if the sing-a-long ready single wasn’t enough on its own to get ya thinking, check out the music video. Directed by the band’s own Amber Bollinger, the premise is a very familiar Los Angeles/entertainment business story. But this one has a pixeled-out rock star that blurs the boundaries of vulnerability and self-empowerment. The film is filled with a wide range of characters that will be easy to recognize if you’re in the game. It’s time to change the narrative folks and if you can rockout while the transition takes hold, you’ll have Broken Baby to thank.

“Madonna’s a Dick” is from the forthcoming 7″ called ‘Split’ which has four tracks, 2 from BB and another two by the powerful Egg Drop Soup. The release is expected on June 25th via Poor Man Records. Before you do your mandatory pre-ordering, you can stream the new single and see the video, now at the GTC.

BROKEN BABY Madonna’s a Dick

Band photo/quotes courtesy of Poor Man Records

Written and performed by Broken Baby. Produced and mixed by Alex Dezen. Mastered by Whynot Jansveld. Cover photo by Cameron Acosta.

Video directed/edited by Amber Bollinger
Special THANKS to the cast for the intro: Blake Stokes (Jagged Baptist Club), Cassie Gaffaney (Young Winona), Samantha Westervelt (Egg Drop Soup), Benjamin Knapp (cool guy), and Peerspace in DTLA.

madonna's a dick

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Sexual harassment was totally normalized,” she explains. But when #metoo hit, Bollinger was ready to channel her frustration into music. “I was in another band,” she says, “and I just sort of showed up and sang, and I wasn’t proud of it. I filled a role which I was used to doing as an actor. It was unfulfilling.” The reckoning Bollinger was experiencing was being writ large in the world. The music, and the band’s performances reflected that. Broken Baby quickly started packing venues. Before the pandemic shut down live shows, Bollinger was crowd surfing and leaping over cocktail tables (she earned a scholarship in track and field). She gets in audiences faces, and not everyone loves it. (press sheet)

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