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…till I’m numb, SODA BLONDE – Holy Roses

Soda Blonde – Small Talk LP is available for pre-order at Bandcamp, Velveteen Records, Apple Music.

soda blonde

by Walter Price

There’s a timeless beauty to the weighty new single, “Holy Roses”, from Dublin’s Soda Blonde. Thoughts of Peter Gabriel to Chvrches come to mind as you absorb this song about struggling to break free. “So many of us use rejection as fuel to justify stagnancy or living in the past. Holy Roses provides me with some closure and I feel it’s one of the most important tracks on the album. I am directly addressing the people in my past who have hurt me in this song.”, songwriter/vocalist Faye O’Rourke confides.

Hold on let me get this straight
You said what you want now you are done
Oh well isn’t that just great
I guess I’ll keep it in till I’m numb

So many fights
So much nothing in the bed
So many railroads that don’t lead to anything
So much drama
So much that I never said
So many time that you would bypass me
For someone else instead

I don’t believe it
You stand in the way but tell me to run
I followed a feeling
You want me to stay but honey I’m done
Holy Roses

While this song is based on the turmoil O’Rourke is trying to outrun, this song isn’t about the vocalist trying to shine brighter than the rest of its moving parts. The lyrics are equally intertwined with the lush arrangement allowing a dream-like experience. The overall result is an indelible pop song that will transcend time and without a doubt anchor many future going-your-own-way playlists.

“Holy Roses” is taken from the forthcoming ‘Small Talk’ LP, expected July 9th via Velveteen Records. You can stream it as well as Soda Blonde’s Top Spotify Tracks, now at GTC.

SODA BLONDE – Holy Roses

Band photo/quotes courtesy of Vamp & Fade PR

Faye O’Rourke
Adam O’Regan
Dylan Lynch
Donagh Seaver-O’Leary

Produced by Soda Blonde
Mixed/engineered by Adam O’Regan
Additional production on Holy Roses by J. Smith

Cover art photography by Patricio Cassinoni

soda blonde

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The Rose is symbolic of war and the fleetingness of life and death. It also represents the fall of Christianity, which I compare not only to our country’s dying Catholic status but to the oppression I felt throughout my own personal and work-life. Holy Roses is the moment of reckoning for me, in all respects. I’m letting go of the people who have hurt me and my old way of living” – Faye O’Rourke

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