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Inara George

by Walter Price

Inara George’s lyrics for the single “Young Adult” move as chapters. Verses highlighting those moments that become larger as life moves along. Sometimes seemingly mundane snapshots that grow and cause chain reactions to the ever-present now. Moments that unwittingly drive you to see what happens next.

I would like to assume that “Young Adult” is vignettes of George’s personal timeline. Take the first verse that recounts the experiences of a child tagging along with her father as he hits LA recording studios at night, “making records”. Those young memories we all have, often blurry from the passing of time but tactile.  George’s father was Lowell George, the famed guitarist, and songwriter for Little Feat. Making my theory here all the more palpable.

I was the daughter of my father
I was the colour of a half-lit moon
Riding down sunset
Making records at night
There’s a calling in my gut
And I have to just follow it

I won’t overanalyze the entire song for you, I want to leave room for you to soak up and interpret and perhaps reflect on your life experiences. I found myself doing just that. Relating the song’s brilliantly crafted lyrics to my own histories. For example, the following verse has some particular weight:

Where is the line between all this joy and all this sorrow?
Who do you know?
It helps you get from here to there to tomorrow
What do I know? What do I know?
I know that I want to see where this thing will go

I’ve absorbed this as a beautiful way of convincing one’s self that there are no real answers. Cherish all of life’s moment.The trying and the exquisite. Take life by the hand and, with open eyes, revel in the possibilities of your tomorrows.

“Young Adult” is from Inara George’s forthcoming album ‘Dearest Everybody’, out January 19th. And Below, you can watch the lovely Jeremy Cohen-directed video for the single.

[12. January 2018]


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Video directed by Jeremy Cohen

Album art by Eric Ernest Johnson

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Inara’s discography includes four full-length solo albums to date: All Rise, Accidental Experimental, An Invitation (with Van Dyke Parks), and Dearest Everybody.

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