5. August 2013 By Walter Price 0

A Civil War? (UPDATE)

The singer songwriter duo, John Paul White and Joy Williams, known as the Civil Wars seem to be having some sort of inner circle conflict these days. Citing  “Internal discord and irreconcilable differences of ambition”. Which probably means “we’re trying to decide who da boss!”

Regardless of what the inner goings on in the group may be they just can’t seem to stop being ‘critically acclaimed‘. Their new self titled album is garnering better than great reviews around the globe. It would seem almost impossible to outshine 2011’s Barton Hollow but the Civil Wars have apparently done what most acts can not. Out do themselves on their sophomore release.

All I really know is that we hope they figure out a way to solve their ‘differences in ambition‘ and hit the road. 

The Civil Wars self-titled album just hit #1 in the US with an amazing first week of  117,000 copies. That way way way out does their previous fist week sales of “Barton Hallow” but they got themselves two Grammy’s and a gold record out of that one. So who’s complaining, right?

I tell ya who, Joy Williams & John Paul White, the duo behind this two piece awesomeness!.

Maybe this will be what brings them back hand and hand….