Billy Momo
3. June 2016 By Walter Price 0

VIDEO PREMIERE: Billy Momo – Swim

Billy Momo

foto by Marcus Landström

It’s the feeling of landing. Coming home, out of the cold…” – Billy Momo
by Walter Price   Almost immediately after you start listening to Sweden’s Billy Momo your ears and soul develop the sense that this roots based non-genre specific collective is akin to a family band and their love of their art and how people hear it is beyond what many artists are willing to do. It’s vulnerable and that causes a connection that is unwavering. The band has a new single “Swim” from their forthcoming album Seven Rivers Wild out 11 November 2016 and their new video showcases the band’s personal side, DIY spirit and invites us all into their world, their perspective. The only way a band-produced clip could do. Here is what the band recently told me about the new video, “The video is more about being in your right element. It’s the feeling of landing. Coming home, out of the cold, so to speak. “For us, shooting a video is usually hard work. We always seem to pick the worst locations. Swimming in October, on a bike in pouring rain all day or under a bridge, where people usually go to piss. This one, playing pool with your best mates and drinking all day, was not so hard. Tomas really likes apples, so that seemed only natural. And we really like drinking, so…”   Billy Momo: Facebook / Website / Twitter / YouTube
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