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2. June 2016 By Walter Price 0

Billy Momo Swim

swim songIt’s about running for your life, knowing you’re in an element where you won’t survive….

by Walter Price


Forgoing comparisons; Billy Momo has done what only a handful of modern pop-stars of recent times have managed to do. Stay true to the band member’s individual multi-genre influences creating a timeless-modern sound and their new single “Swim” (from their forthcoming album Seven Rivers Wild out 11 November 2016) blows all convention out of the water.

“Swim” is sweeping and alluring melody traveling a story line of change and endurance immersed in an unforgettable and attention demanding heartbeat of a thump. As the band explained to me about the track, “The song is about desperate need for change. It’s about running for your life, knowing you’re in an element where you won’t survive. Though the song expresses a very personal experience in this, it seems a lot of people can relate to it.

“The song started with that Spanish sounding acoustic guitar. Orren’s big brother Kalle, who very much likes to tell Orren what to do, said Billy Momo should have a song with a Spanish guitar like that. Orren did what he was told and Tomas and Orren went back to that cabin in the woods where they first started out writing songs, to work on it. That Spanish guitar was a bitch to record! We had to do it a million times to get it right. Later, it took Tony and Coffa about five minutes to get the groove down. Life’s not fair.”

Check these pages of Global Texan for the tracks video premiere 3 June, 2016


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