life changing songs
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5 Albums That Shaped Rock Musician Edin MalaMadre

life changing songs

by Edin MalaMadre

(Last Drop)


Music for me was, and still is, the center of everything. It gave meaning to life, and helped me to develop my imagination and creativity.



Metallica – Master of Puppets (1986).

My all time favourite album. From the intro with the acoustic guitar to the end with Damaged Inc. Orion is the best instrumental song ever.


Nirvana – In Utero.(1993).

Everybody says that Nevemind is the best Nirvana album. I don’t think so. This one made a more profound and subtle influence in rock music than Nevermind. I think is more profound and brutal. I love the sound of the guitars.


Marilyn Manson – Antichrist Superstar (1996)

It blew my mind. For both the aesthetics and the music. I bought it and then i had to hide it in a place where i couldn’t see it because i was afraid of it. The fuckin┬┤Antichrist man!!!


Heroes del Silencio – Avalancha (1995)

The best Spanish rock band ever. I love the lyrics. This album is amazing.


The Doors – L.A. Woman.(1971)

The Lizard King at its zenith and its decline. Broken voice, beautiful lyrics. I don┬┤t love all the songs but i love the atmosphere.


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