Ritual de lo habitual
12. April 2016 By Walter Price 0

Jane’s Addiction Ritual de lo habitual 25


“We had really bizarre influences,” Navarro reflects. “The Velvet Underground, Led Zeppelin, Bauhaus, Van Halen and Rush were all part of our sound. Eric Avery always had this funky thing to his bass playing, but he was also into classical music, or straight-up punk or arty outsider rock. And Perry was listening to a lot of reggae, zydeco and world music; he wasn’t listening to the radio at all. And then you put us all on the streets of Los Angeles… for many years, we interacted with Spanish-speaking people more than English-speaking people, because that’s who we copped drugs from.” – Dave Navarro (rollingstone.com)


Ritual de lo habitual (1990)


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