Michael Brondstetter music
15. August 2015 By Walter Price 0

3 Reasons Why Michael Brondstetter

Michael Brondstetter music

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Want a change before I die, sing a song words are wrong, act the part or be gone…

by Walter Price


I don’t know much about San Diego, CA singer/songwriter Michael Brondstetter. What I do know is I’ve been checking out his music recently and he appears to be Don Williams era radio but his past experience playing in cover bands has let him take elements of several genres to form his own sounds. His Iron Mountain moves in and out of and utilizes blues, southern rock, Bob Dylan-esque folk and country to create an honest, earthy and at moments gritty collection of songs at times reminiscent of what Terry Lee Hale is doing so well. There are few problems with his style but I will say he is best with little production trickery. I am thrilled in learning more about Brondstetter and his story…until then, here are 3 Reasons Why Michael Brondstetter.


Michael Brondstetter Website / Twitter / ReverbNation