Mr. Soul
15. August 2015 By Walter Price 0

Matteo Dondi Boy In The Park

Mr. Soul

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by Walter Price


Italian Matteo Dondi (a.k.a. Mr. Soul a.k.a Matt West) is back from the sonic abyss with a new angle and fresh direction on his music career. More of the indie rock singer-songwriter arenas than his former metal leanings with Italian rock outfit Small Jackets. His new single finds the at times erratic music maker going a John Lennon meets Lightning Seeds’ Ian Broudie direction…Which is cool when I think about how Dondi floats between and blurs music genres with ease. Anything is possible and this is how the rest of his new music plays out. He doesn’t dillydally from being an open book and there is no sense he wished to shy away from the love, lusts and turmoil in his life. No great artist really has with any sort of mental or financial success. His struggles and triumphs are the listener’s view into the songwriter soul and this makes the results all the more realistic, more tactile and that is a good place to be.


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