3 July 2020
3. July 2020 By Walter Price 0

[new this week] GTC WKND SPIN PLAYLIST [ 3 July 2020 ] + a film from Paddlefish

3 July 2020 and the GTC WKND SPIN is Fresh, for real!

It’s Back, Again…

The only truth is music.” ― Jack Kerouac

The perpetually on the verge of widespread popularity indie playlist, that has some very swell (allegedly) people all in a tither, has returned weekly for a continually fresh Summer 2020 and its chock full of phenomenal artists!

Check out this week’s updated playlist below and come back each Friday (or Saturday) for something brand new…kindly heart the list on Spotify!!

3 July 2020

3 July 2020


Good As Dead

Chloé Caroline

Chloé Caroline

Everywhere I Go

3 July 2020

Gab De La Vega

Perfect Texture

The Swedish Railway Orchestra

What’s Going On?


+ GTC FILM of the WEEK: Paddlefish – Good As Dead

Artist Photos
Paddlefish by Renni Kieschnick
Chloé Caroline artwork by Tyler Farino
Gab De La Vega by Jaden D
The Swedish Railway Orchestra via Facebook

Paddlefish film directed by Pat Misterovich

3 July 2020

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