Dom Major
4. July 2020 By Walter Price 0

Living out in different ways…SINGLE: DOM MAJOR – Both Burn Bright

Dom Major – Both Burn Bright is available at Bandcamp.

Dom Major

by Walter Price

Life is full of those unexpected moments that can throw a spin into things to come. Never mind if they’re lighthearted or near-tragic, twists are what make our tomorrows. And Manchester-based songwriter Dom Major’s beautiful new song, “Both Burn Bright”, documents such a life-affirming experience.

Major explains the backstory, β€œIt was snowing, the weather was terrible and I did my mate a favour by going because nobody else would. After we crashed the car, me and my Dad were sat in the snow with no phone. Out of nowhere a girl I was seeing at the time pulled over and gave me and my Dad a lift home, the whole thing was surreal.”

Rip the car in speeding traffic
the weathers bad, you said I’ve got a jacket
Let me down by the side of the road
where the snows cold
come on and get me home

At its heart, this track is a classic story song. A tale of circumstance, redemption, and hope. Words meticulously placed and punctuated by that gentle soul-grabbing guitar. And if you’re a fan of Dan Auerbach, James Taylor and/or Iron & Wine, then add this one to your life-is-unpredictable playlist.

“Both Burn Bright” is available now via Babywoman Records.


Both Burn Bright + Cigarettes and Beer

Artist photo via Babywoman Records

Album artwork by Paper Girl Designs

Cigarettes and Beer
Produced by Adam Lyons
Mixed by Adam Gorman (Pinhole Studios)

Dom Major

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lay me down
your room has swallowed the daylight
alright ill spend the night
if we both fight
6 am there’s sunlight
Then we both burn bright

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