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Your Top 5 GTC Stories 03 October 2013

What a very interesting last few days over here at The GTC.

This man of wonderment, Chris Leigh, has come out of seemingly nowhere and dominated the GTC web-location and The GTC Top 5 Stories!

Chris has held heavy hitting rock acts Ten Benson, Mammoth Mammoth & The New Roses at bay. Not bad for an artist who we just discovered a week ago. 

Leigh and the Broken Hearts are the ones to watch as they are sure to be major players in the European music scene in the coming year!

We truly appreciate you for coming by to see what goings on The GTC has about!

Your Top 5 Story Links (click & enjoy)

  1. Chris Leigh Could Save Country Music
  2. Ten Benson Here Again
  3. The New Roses: Brotherhood Of Rock N’ Roll
  4. Claudia Price “One Memory Lane Pt. 9”
  5. Mammoth Mammoth Will Bring You Hell!
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