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Your GTC Weekly Top Ten: 19 – 25 May 2014

Heather-Jane Strobegirl
We made it through the entire week without seeing one second of that Michael Jackson hologram, Win! Unfortunately we can’t say the same for all that scam-ish mega-wedding shenanigans…
What we did get to do is have a lovely chat with UK indie artist Strobegirl. Thanks much for taking some time to do so HJS…
Also this week we learned that Grace Slick is still cooler than, well, most people, Southern Rock may not be as redneck as you first thought, R.E.M. may not be getting the band back together but that their catalog isn’t dead, John Moreland is bare-boned honest in sounds and Les Claypool wants to Twang You Up. Dang, that was a good week indeed. 
Thanks to all of you who have very kindly followed The GTC on Facebook! If you haven’t, watcha waiting for, we’re all friends here..mostly.. And as always thank you for stopping by to check out the goings on over here on these humble pages. 
Here is a look at what you had a gander at, perused freely or forced upon you by men in masks. Sorry about that last part…

Top Countries of Audience Origins

  1. USA
  2. Germany
  3. France
  4. UK
  5. Russia
  6. Italy
  7. Ireland
  8. Canada
  9. Denmark
  10. Portugal
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Have A Swell Week…