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Your GTC Weekly Top 10 For 20 – 26 January 2014

What an interesting week it has been. Not only over at The GTC but in the music world(s) as well.
We watched the goings on surrounding The Grammy Awards. Like one watches an auto accident, Indeed. We have come to the conclusion that this organization needs some reorganization… This isn’t a new theory of ours but a reoccurring nearly nightmarish reality. 
We learned that Macklemore & Ryan Lewis almost got ‘blackballed’ for being too ‘pop’. Really? Also that it takes some ‘solo artists’ a team of people to write ‘their’ nominated tracks. And that classic rockers still have Grammy juice as Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath and Paul McCartney all win awards at this year’s ceremonies…Good stuff. (Full Winners List)
Anyway, back to us. A great week of music over here at The GTC HQ. We watched as new articles about AD Allstarsand The Boxer Rebellionmake their way into the Top 10 reader leader list and then there is Goldie Lookin Chain. Not only did their always lovable Eggsy sit down with us for a brief Q&A but the interview skyrocketed to the #1 spot for the week and made an impressive mark on the alltime most read list as well. You Knows It! 
You just never know what will happen…
A huge THANK YOU to the artists who spent time with us this week and to YOU! We really appreciate you stopping by! Please hit us up and let us know your thoughts or suggest something we should be checking out or just to say Hi…We’re currently not robots and we’ll get back to ya! 
Your GTC Weekly Top 10 Links
  1. Goldie Lookin Chain: Kings Of Caerleon (NSFW)
  2. The Boxer Rebellion: No Labels Needed
  3. The Beatles Man Contest!
  4. Skinny Lister’s Infectious Energy! 
  5. Review: Mark Knopfler – ‘Privateering’ 
  6. Ten Benson Here Again
  7. Imperial State Electric: ‘Reptile Brain Music’
  8. AD Allstars: Beats Therapy & A Cause
  9. Things You Can Buy Today 21 January 2014
  10. The Travis Waltons Are Rocking You Repeatedly
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