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30. January 2015 By Walter Price 0

3 Reasons Why Fire Tiger

“We basically wanted to create music we like, and music we like seems to be what people call “80’s”. We don’t want to define ourselves only with that decade, although it is our favourite. Our goal is to help bring classic musicality, vocal style, and songwriting, which arguably peaked in fire tigerthe 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s together, back to mainstream pop culture today.” – FT (Malcolm Holt Q&A)

by Walter Price


I’ve been cautiously becoming a fan of what is LA’s Fire Tiger (Tiffany Alkouri, James Ramsey, Chris Cuomo, Cahuenga Mango) over the past couple years. “Why cautiously?” you ask…well, in a world of throwback acts cluttering the music scenes it’s hard to tell at first who means what they’re doing and who isn’t relying on past music heroes’ sounds to get into a hipster niche’s  good graces.

Fire Tiger is fronted by the smokey voiced à la Kim Carnes or perhaps Grace Slick (and the spunk of Cyndi Lauper) Tiffany Alkouri. Who does have a clear and present retro style but it is obvious from all of her diehard dedication to the band’s music, promotion and love of her online community she is in it to win it (as one would say). That goes a long way in an era when people make an EP or two, toss ’em on the internet and wait for the fans, adulation and riches to fall at their feet.

I’m eager to see this band conquer the pop world.

The added fact that Fire Tigers music is undeniablely catchy and beautiful in all the right places, they are a band to have on your radar. I chose three tracks from their répertoire that will convince you to dig into what is the future of brilliant retro cool, Fire Tiger!


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