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Your GTC Top 10 Week of 28 Oct – 3 Nov. 2013

Claudia Price
We’re just coming off a great month in October and the new month is in full swing!

This past week was an interesting one for sure. The GTC Top 10 changed more times than we have ever seen in a seven day period. 

Definitely makes for a good old fashioned race to the top!

The only truly odd thing is what happened in the #5 position…I guess we’re just about the same?

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Your Top Ten Links (click, enjoy & share)
  1. Get To Know Your GTC Contributors: Claudia Price
  2. Imperial State Electric – ‘Reptile Brain Music’
  3. Neal Casal Keeps On Truckin’
  4. Tops For October 2013
  5. TIE (only 3 reads apart!) Get To Know Your GTC Contributors: Walter Price & Get To Know Your GTC Contributors: Alle Royale
  6. Review: Tom Keifer – ‘The Way Life Goes’
  7. Ken Stringfellow: The Posies+Neuman+Solo
  8. Metallicaliebers!
  9. Ten Benson Here Again!
  10. Chris Leigh: “If You Make It To Heaven”
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