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Things You Can Buy 5 November 2013

‘(Everything Is) Debatable’

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“While some musicians seem hell-bent on releasing album after album each year, Hellogoodbye took their time in creating Everything is Debatable and it shows in the quality of each and every song. They seem to have really found their footing with this record and managed to stay true to their roots, and it’s exciting to see where they can go with this under their belts.” – Shukti Patadia (onrecordmag.com)
“This incarnation of Black Flag also features 1979-era vocalist Ron Reyes, bassist Dave Klein (of Screeching Weasel), and drummer Gregory Moore (who has played with Ginn’s project Gone).” – Jenn Pelly (Pitchfork.com)
“…The band doesn’t reconfigure its sound for modern trends, pretend to still be punk rebels of the NYC underground, or rewrite “Naked Eye” a dozen times in the hopes of a late-stage hit. The trio isn’t trying to re-create the tense, gritty appeal of its previous work; rather, the album has the comfortable, loose demeanor of veterans rediscovering the pleasures of their craft. Unfortunately, those aren’t the qualities that earned the band its earlier fame.”  – Chris Mincher (avclub.com)

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