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Your GTC Top 10 Stories 30 Sept. – 06 Oct

Chris Leigh

Here is a look at your GTC Top 10 stories from last week…

It was an interesting week over here at The GTC. A week that saw two new country acts from different ends of the musical spectrum enter into our radar and make great impacts worldwide.

First we met contemporary country artist Brian Milson. The Odessa, TX native, Milson, is making great country music that can stand up to anything Blake Shelton or Joe Nichols are putting out with the added social consciousness missing in much of the music of today. 

Then we had the opportunity to get to know Chris Leigh. Leigh is making music in the styles of the great names of the  50’s & 60’s with a fresh new sound that will please any die-hard music aficionado. 

Both fantastic artists that we expect to hear much more from in the future! 

Thank you for stopping by to see what goings on The GTC had this past week! We couldn’t and wouldn’t do it without you!

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