new band name
9. August 2016 By Walter Price 2

Your Band Name

new band name

Your Band Name #1

by Global Texan


Coming up with a band name or an alias for those basement dwelling singer-songwriters looking for a nice disguise to hide your fears, The GTC team has decided to come up with some ideas each week in what we are calling, Your Band Name.


This week’s suggestion:




Origin: This term was overheard in a conversation between two fashion students or something or other. Both had English as a second language so who knows what they really meant but it is what it is. The exact sentence¬†was, “The length was great for the wide bodied teenager.”

Thoughts: Sure, if you’re of a certain nature this new band name could have negative connotations, but this is The GTC and we don’t think that way and you shouldn’t either.


Unrelated song:


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