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20. March 2021 By Walter Price 0

…depths of the city, YOUNG WINONA – LA Waste

Young Winona – LA Waste is available at Poor Man Records.

by Walter Price

With lots of hopes and dreams attracting many eager artists to La La Land, it can be a daunting disappointment to witness the realities of the streets. Drugs, mental illness, poverty, and domestic violence all lend their detrimental hands in the homeless pandemic plaguing Los Angeles. This subject matter, contrasted haves and have nots and facing the city after a loss are uneasy realities that are explored in the recent sprawling single “LA Waste” from New Zealand natives Young Winona.

We go Downtown, we can barely breathe
Trying to live this life, we can never leave

I don’t trust anyone who doesn’t wear black
Life can be dark with the sun on your back

Everyone’s sniffling, chasing summer heat
Girls are going to tease you, make you feel obsolete

Gonna get in my car & drive it to Sunset
Thinking bout all the money I’m never gonna get

I think to myself with the Sun in the sky
This is good a place as any to live until you die

Drown on down in the depths of the city
This place is swimming in waste and pity
Drown on down in the depths of the city
LA is swimming in waste and pity

The grind of the City of Angels can twist and bend a soul and the evidence isn’t hidden. And the sights, sounds, and uneasiness will undoubtedly change one’s perception of celluloid promises. So, with new horizons ahead of us all, one must hold their head high and forge their own new way. May the force be with you…

You can watch the film for “LA Waste”, directed by the band’s very own Cassie Gaffaney, now at the GTC.


Band photo via Facebook

Cassie Gaffaney
Nick Gaffaney
Geoff Maddock

Engineer: James Clarke Jr
Mixed: Benjamin Knapp

Video directed by Cassie Gaffaney
Edited by Cassie Gaffaney
Filmed by Cassie Gaffaney and Nick Gaffaney
Cover photo by Geoff Maddock

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On one hand you have ultra-wealthy and just mere footsteps away you have extreme poverty, hunger, and homelessness.” – Cassie Gaffaney

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