She Moves in Phases
19. March 2021 By Walter Price 0


Belle Tower – She Moves in Phases is available at Apple Music, Bandcamp, Spotify.

She Moves in Phases

by Walter Price

The human condition is in perma-transformation. Every moment, thought, and realization just a seed that’ll bloom differently with every season. And the introspective new single, “She Moves in Phases”, from Montreal songwriter Belle Tower [Isabella Harned] is a personal journey lamenting embracing one’s identity and persevering, even if momentarily, through challenges.

In a quote sent to the GTC, the whispery-voiced songwriter shares, “The first verse in “She Moves in Phases” is about realizing my heart had the capacity to love beyond binaries, and therefore also be broken beyond binaries. The rest of the song followed after processing the end of the relationship, coming into my own, and embracing my queer identity. It took a lot of patience, love, and care.”

“Love and care” delivered in a delicate vocal, a lullaby of sorts that allows this song’s powers to slowly seep into your soul. It’s a beautiful track only made more stunning with its accompanying straightforward film. Directed by Olivia Du Vergier, the video depicts a scene of outwards looking in. And it’s fair to say that the filmmaker conjured up a perfect visual metaphor for this soul-searching single.

“She Moves in Phases” is from the forthcoming EP, tend to, expected on April 27th. And you can stream this single and see its music video, now at the GTC.

BELLE TOWER – She Moves in Phases

Artist photo via Facebook

Isabella Harned – Vocals, acoustic guitar
Ben Robertson – Bass, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, synth
Scott Boudreau – Drums, acoustic guitar
Audreanne Fillion – Cello

Recorded in the Winona Forever basement in Montreal, QC
Produced by Ben Roberston with production contributions from Scott Boudreau and Isabella Harned
Mixed by Oliver Hollingshead
Mastered by Suite Sound Labs

Music video directed, filmed and edited by Olivia Du Vergier
Single Art by Erica Hart

She Moves in Phases

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“She Moves in Phases” was a last-minute addition to my EP, tend to, out April 27th, a dreamy lo-fi cosmic folk world inside my head. I finished writing it the night before my last studio session with producer Ben Robertson (Winona Forever, Schwey) and collaborator Scott Boudreau (Mauno), recorded it in one take, and promptly had a quiet cathartic cry. The song grew into something much more after adding acoustic guitar, cello, and drum layers to the rest of the instrumentation.” – Isabella Harned

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