Xavier Dphrepaulezz
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In His Own Metamorphic Words: Xavier Dphrepaulezz on becoming Fantastic Negrito

Fantastic Negrito – “Please Don’t Be Dead” is available @ iTunes.

Xavier Dphrepaulezz


“Back in ’96 I was a child. I had a dream, as young people have quite idealistic dreams and goals, of, “I’m going to go to Los Angeles and I’m going to become a star!” I did get this huge record deal and I recorded this music under Xavier. That didn’t really work out. I was on that label for five years. I was able to get off because I was in a near fatal accident [in 2000]. I was in a coma for three weeks, as is probably known. I decided that I would start these incarnations: Chocolate Butterfly, Me and This Japanese Guy, Blood Sugar X. All of these different incarnations I released music under to get work in song licensing and pretty major Hollywood films. I did that for about eight years and then I quit for five years. I decided to come back. I was always thinking, “Hey, an incarnation is always a more interesting character. He gets involved in this music and he finds this new means of expression.”


Xavier Dphrepaulezz is Fantastic Negrito

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The quote comes from the Haley Weiss article for Interview Magazine.


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