the wolf outside the door
13. June 2020 By Walter Price 0

GTC DEBUT: GET BACK VAL – The Wolf Outside The Door

The Wolf Outside The Door is available now at Spotify.

the wolf outside the door

by Walter Price

Get Back Val’s retro-futurman Pete Hopkins is a multifaceted artist/producer thriving in classic pop-rock. And his new bluesy pandemic and social injustice induced track, “The Wolf Outside The Door”, is rooted in 80s hair-metal confidence. Wailing laments full of heart and reality as its video is a DIY iPhone shot, late-night experience. I asked Hopkins about the song and film and he replied with a passionate response, which I will post in full.

“Gosh, I don’t even know where to begin. While the world burns itself to the ground I have this little old song that’s coming out. I liked things so much better when we were seemingly all working together as one and fighting a virus. Now it seems we are back to our usual old tricks of fighting one another and spewing hatred. Words are weaponized, armies are being formed, sides are taken and the revolution will be televised.

“I released the video for “Wolf” only two weeks ago. Hard to believe how much the climate has changed in two weeks.

“People are protesting by the thousands sparked by the brutal police murder of civilian George Floyd, while a virus is still running rampant. An airborne virus that cares nothing for one’s politics, race, or religion. It’s here to kill and cause destruction to all. Protests are absolutely warranted and the bare minimum of the kind of movement needed to bring about change, end police brutality and try yet again to get some true racial equality, but meanwhile, I see teams of people that seem to have forgotten about the dangers of COVID-19 and that bothers me very much.

“All I can say is it better work this time. Cause the situation hasn’t changed and here is the simple reality of the situation… Nobody is safe.

(FYI There is also a description in the youtube video with a bit more of my feelings as of two weeks ago.)

“As an artist, I am always either receiving or transmitting. Therefore my thoughts are constantly evolving and synapses are connecting in an ever-changing manner.

“The world keeps changing my mind about what is the next song Get Back VAL will release. Songs about love and sex and attraction like “Love Me” just don’t feel like they have any place in the current climate. “Wolf” was my commentary about life in 2020 two weeks ago…. But that narrative has changed dramatically in two weeks…

“Right now it reads more like…

“As the world re-opens so do old wounds and new cracks in the pavement of society and so a big part of me is frequently having the thought… maybe we should just keep it closed up until we learn how to deal with each other with civility, kindness, and compassion.”

Check out the track/video below…and we, the GTC, hope you find peace, take a stand, and please, Vote.


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the wolf outside the door

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Get Back VAL (GBV) is an LA alt/rock Artist that blends 80’s nostalgia and new-retro-wave or synthwave along with pop songwriting. GBV’s music is composed by Vocalist/Guitarist/Synth/Programmer/Producer, Pete Hopkins, and is produced by his company HopkinSound.” – bio

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