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20. November 2020 By Walter Price 0

…turn around f#@k around, DUCKS! + Maya Shenfeld – With Compliments

DUCKS! + Maya Shenfeld – With Compliments is available at Spotify, Apple Music.

by Walter Price

The purveyors of sassy hip-swaying disco gems, DUCKS!, are back with a fresh and breezy stunner “With Compliments”. Teaming up with Maya Shenfeld [Leoprrrds], this indelible single is akin to a beachy funk-filled ode to old and new. With its subtle and contagious drive and crispy guitar, this joint is just another example of why this duo are near unsung heroes of indie synth-driven pop.

To add more yummy icing onto the no need for small talk deliciousness, the band also dropped an old-school Atari-styled video that’ll spread smiles across the lands. Directed by Reuben Sutherland, this pixel heavy color-popping film is an absolute delight well worth a view or so.

You can stream “With Compliments” and watch its way cool music video, now at the GTC.

DUCKS! + Maya Shenfeld

With Compliments

DUCKS! photo by Zoë Noble

The DUCKS! are Lani Bagley and Craig Schuftan

Video by Reuben Sutherland
Mastering by Berkfinger @ Golden Retriever Studios, Sydney

with compliments

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“With Compliments” is a new collaborative single by Ducks! and Maya Shenfeld (ex-Leoprrrds). If it sounds fresh, it’s probably because it was made on the spot – a spontaneous summer jam between two disco creatures and their composer/guitarist friend, resulting in a tangy slice of indie-pop with a swirl of spacey guitar. As sassy saxophones blare and synthesizers fizz, sweet voices with ragged edges sing of false compliments, meaningless small talk, and the masks we wear; adding that dash of bitterness that always makes disco sound somehow sweeter.” – bio

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