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27. April 2017 By Walter Price 0

One thing leads to another, 3 Reasons Why Mac DeMarco

Mac DeMarco This Old Dog out May 5, 2017.

mac demarco

by Walter Price


Several weeks ago in the forest scouting locations, my pal asked if I’d heard of Makeout Videotape and their ‘Some Other Ones‘ album. I hadn’t but soon we were listening. We walked in the fading light of day with these brilliant tracks wafting in and out of the landscape, getting lost. Now mind you, this cohort of mine didn’t have the track listing or know much of anything about the outfit we soundtracked our evening too. I had to wait to hit the house to dig in.

Turns out Makeout Videotape is a project spearheaded by singer-songwriter Mac DeMarco. Here again, I was at a loss. DeMarco was only a name to me. I’ve seen articles and such but hadn’t had a chance to explore what it is he is. Now I found myself down a rabbit hole.

First thing, third paragraph. Makeout Videotape’s ‘Some Other Ones’, the release that started this all, is astonishing heard again on an actual stereo. Open tuning (if my ears are correct) allowing airy jams to linger if not briefly (all tracks are short). Comfortable and nonchalant rhythms that take me back to several other eras. Like warm slippers.


Secondly, I quickly slipped into DeMarco’s 2014 ‘Salad Days‘. This was totally unexpected coming off MV’s wares. Lyrically tactile, musicianship undoubtedly spectacular. Quirky, sarcastic in spots, and that sort of optimism for pop music I long for. Now, I will say this. I’d never want to draw comparisons to what the songwriter has done on this album. I’d recommend plan yourself several spins and get lost in it.

The video for the title track is so whacked, thoughts of WTF perfection start to spin webs in my already clogged noggin.


Thirdly and jumping vast distances I got into a new single “On The Level”. If I had to, I’d say this track is a near perfect blend of what Makeout Videotape and DeMarco by name have been doing. Open spaced chill jam. Not easy listening per se, but darn close. No no, it’s that 70’s ‘rhythm and blues feeling I dig. Remember when The Doobie Brothers tried to do this long ago? This is as good if not better. I hope this is a sign of things to come on DeMarco’s new album ‘This Old Dog’ out May 5, 2017. Dy-no-mite!

One thing always leads to another…


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