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13. October 2014 By Walter Price 0

GTC Weekly Top Ten 13 October 2014

Hellsingland UndergroundWhat happened to last week, it was here in then Monday slammed in like an army of irritated badgers.

Thanks for the emails pointing out the little problems with our new home here. As most things in life we’re a work in progress.

We’d like to thank the coolness that is Charlie Granberg of Hellsingland Underground and Luisa Black of Rich Girls for stopping by to chat with us about all things their music. Righteous sounds and good people make the world a good place to be. Cheers.

rich girlsThis past week was full of Ebola chatter but we were more interested in the facts that Neil Young is super-duper mad at David Crosby (again), David Bowie can’t stop his amazing, Wayne Coyne can’t stop jackin’ with greatness, bye-bye Pink Floyd, Andrea Schroeder is taking it to the people in November, love him or loath him Chad Kroeger is a funny cat, Jubilee Riots seem to be for the people, on the the other side of the coin Julian Casablancas did NOT invent garage rock…he made it temporarily worthless. Stop the madness. Google time.

How was your week?

Again and again we cannot Thank You enough for helping us support actual artists making believable and tangible music. It may seem impossible to stop the twerky overly produced garbage being force fed to us daily but we’ll die trying.

Here is a look at what was read the most this past week by you or someone else. Your GTC Weekly Top Ten 6 – 12 October 2014.

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