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7. October 2014 By Walter Price 0

Sounds You Can Try and Buy 7 Oct 2014

In this week’s Sounds You Can Try & Buy we’ll get smacked in the jaw and ask for more by Down Under ballstothewall rockers, we’ll fill our ear holes with some so cool from San Fran and then we’ll have a walk with a band looking back as they travel forward.

So stop worrying about the almost nearly impossible outbreak in your neighborhood and let us begin to dig into what we’re listening to this week and thoughts from the artists themselves.

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rich girlsRich Girls – Fiver’ (Breakup)

The day has arrived and Lo-Fi justice is being served. In the form of the new EP ‘Fiver’ from San Francisco garage rock meets art and things swerve cooler from there outfit Rich Girls. You may recall this tidbit from these pages not long ago, “There is something going on over at San Francisco’s Breakup Records and one of the highlights is the airy garage rock threesome Rich Girls. Front woman Luisa Black could be the spawn of Hope Sandoval and 1977 Iggy Pop. Only the three know the truth…”  Yeah, we agree with us.

In a coming interview with The GTC Rich Girls’ Luisa Black said this of the new tracks, “My god. All these songs were written on the same couch!”


DSS fat lizzyDestroy She Said –Fat Lizzy’ (Single/EP)

If all songs that started as a riff and solidified as a jaw crackin’ wall of glorious classic styled metal like the new EP/single from Melbourne’s Destroy She Said then the world would be a bit dirtier and all would be well again. Following the band’s bar room blast full length Down To Dirty, something has happened and these guys are in it to kill it! The new single is packaged with 3 live tracks (‘Hooker’s Don’t  Kiss’ / ‘Drivin’ Machine” / ”No Church”) and makes us wonder, why no ‘Game Over’? Do something with yourself and buy this release.

DSS’s Youngy told The GTC about the new single: “To be honest the song started life as a riff that reminded us of Jailbreak by Thin Lizzy and the idea lived on a piece of a paper under the name Thin Lizzy type riff then we thought why don’t we call it Fat Lizzy and Lizzy was born! The producer (Craig Harnath) from Hothouse audio St Kilda (where we recorded it) came up the hand clap ideas in the breakdown which we love.”

Until you get your copy of ‘Fat Lizzy’ wet that whistle with ‘Game Over’ from the Down To Dirty album.


walkabouts-box-coverThe Walkabouts – ‘Devil’s Road‘ (1996), ‘Nighttown‘ (1997) and then ‘The Virgin Years Box-Set(Glitterhouse)

Let us not park on the wrong part of the conversation, these three releases from the perpetually original The Walkabouts aren’t about remastering to fit new formats or to squeeze coins from diehard fans but instead to highlight two innovative albums with a bit of the ole rarities, demos, gussied-up artwork and the neat whatnots any music lover would like to add to their sweet collection and then a cool and limited Box-Set full of right-ons that will send you over the moon, if you can get your hand on one.

Just the other day founding Walkabouts member Chris Eckman shared this thought with us, “For the most part I don’t think we are really “looking back” sorts of people. So it is hard for us to get our heads around the idea that we might even have a legacy to preserve. I think we look at these re-issues in the simplest way possible. The albums haven’t been available for a few years and this is our chance to rectify that. The value beyond that is for others to determine.”