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24. October 2020 By Walter Price 0

…we grew apart, KURT BAKER – New Direction

Kurt Baker – After Party LP is available at Bandcamp, Apple Music, Spotify +.

kurt baker

by Walter Price

Kurt Baker’s new solo project, ‘After Party’, is a 12 track alt-rock masterclass. Traversing varying sonic landscapes such as new romantic, post-punk, power-pop et cetera, this set will thrill legitimate longtime fans and new converts, like me, alike. Baker (along with Wyatt Funderburk), as songwriters, are some of the best in the game. Like Michael Stipe, Beck Hansen, Robyn Hitchcock, and Chris Eckman before them, they can craft songs that have legit origins but will easily become individualized with each new stream. As each and every track on this release is solid proof.

And there’s no better place to start than the first track, “New Direction”. with the first listen, one could assume it’s a straightforward breakup and moving-on song. Or is it actually a track about failed or unfulfilled endeavors as the songwriter accepts that he must do something else to find some sort of artistic solitude?

Sick of this scene sick of this town
I guess we grew apart
I had a change of heart
I pushed you away
Yeah I need a new direction
I’m leaving today

However you interpret “New Direction”, reminiscent of classic Elvis Costello, it will certainly fit your favorite songs-of-substance playlist and you can stream it and the entire ‘After Party’ LP [Wicked Cool Records], now at the GTC.


All songs by Kurt Baker and Wyatt Funderburk

Kurt Baker – Bass, Guitar, Vocals
Wyatt Funderburk – Guitar, Synthesizer, Vocals
Geoff Palmer – Guitar, Vocals, Harmonica
Kris Rodgers – Keys, Vocals
Craig Sala – Drums, Vocals

Gina Brown – Vocals on “A Song and A Drink”
Mandy Funderburk – Vocals on “Keep Dreaming”
Pat Heelan – Backing Vocals
Johnathan Pushkar – 12 String Guitar on “Keep Dreaming”
Natacha Bouznad-Villena – Voicemail message on “Wandering Eyes”

Art/Design: Louis Arzonico
Photography: Natacha Bouznad-Villena, Abraham Alain Schechter

kurt baker

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What began as raucous noise in a Maine basement is poised to be the soundtrack to many a socially distanced soiree as Kurt Baker gets back to his roots on the rollicking new album ‘After Party‘.” – bio

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