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23. October 2020 By Walter Price 0

…hung my head and cried, JASON JAMES – Seems Like Tears Ago

Jason James – Seems Like Tears Ago is available at Spotify, Apple Music.

by Walter Price

In the hallowed tradition of names like Jones, Haggard, Twitty, and Rivers, Jason James’ 2019 album, “Seems Like Tears Ago”, is a honky-tonk jukebox gem. Ten tracks that’ll have diehard divebar aficionados stackin quarters and downing endless Shiners while kinckin up dancefloor sawdust.

With its blend of traditional country and tastes of zydeco and rockabilly, this album travels an earnest smorgasbord of Texas hipness. As it’s blatantly clear that James knows his history and respectively pays homage to those sounds that came before him on this album, it’d be fool-hearted to think this album is an imitation of what once was. Rather, this set should and will be considered a continuance of the long-lived tradition of writing songs you can drink to.

And to wet your thirsty beak, you can stream the title track, a George Jones sounding beaut, as well as the the entire LP, now at the GTC.


Artist photo courtesy of Conqueroo

Producer – John Evans and
Engineer – Patrick Herzfeld
Artwork – Keith Brogdon

Jason James

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I’m just happy, and I’m happy with the album. It’s the record I wanted to make all along.” – J. James

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