Wait Where's My... Oh There It Is
3. November 2020 By Walter Price 0

Wait Where’s My… Oh There It Is, HEAVY HEAVY

HEAVY HEAVY – Wait Where’s My… Oh There It Is EP is available on Bandcamp, Spotify.

by Walter Price

The highly-anticipated debut EP from the multi-cultural Berlin-based rockers, HEAVY HEAVY, has been unleashed. “Wait Where’s My… Oh There It Is” is an era-spanning powerhouse. Having, consciously or not, hints of Sabbath, (early) Mötley Crüe, Mastadon, and All Them Witches sewed into the fabric of the four tracks. And it’s, unquestionably, phenomenal.

Pretty Ghost
Badge Bruiser
High Rise Vultures
Red Canvas

From the disdain-filled opener, “Pretty Ghost” (with a nice parting gift), raucous dual-languaged “Badge Bruiser”, the Henry Rollins-esque “High Rise Vultures” and the raw 90s-like slow-burn beauty that is “Red Canvas”, this set is a stunner in all aspects. With a poignant social consciousness throughout and add into account that this pandemic era album is, “approximately 6% studio, 19% living room and 85% Whatsapp”, mucho kudos must be handed out to these die-hard DIY rocknrollers.

Is this album one of the best hard rock releases of this tumultuous 2020? No doubt… And you can stream the entire firecracker EP as well as the recent classic “A Deadly Bite”, now at the GTC.

Wait Where’s My… Oh There It Is

+ A Deadly Bite

Mixing and Mastering: Cameron Gillette

Band photo by Stefanie Ren Photography

Chance – Bass & Vocals
Val – Guitar
Linus – Drums

Wait Where's My... Oh There It Is

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For us, “Wait Where’s My… Oh There It Is” is a kind of a two-year celebration of being a band. The record features both, our oldest and our newest songs and the title is something that’s been floating around ever since the beginning. Our plan is to trigger hundreds of thousands of Alexa’s around the world as people drunkenly look for their phones at 3 am.” – HH

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