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Video Maija Sofia STAINS

Video Maija SofiaVideo Maija Sofia Stain fr The Sugar Sea


by Walter Price


Last November Irish singer.songwriter Maija Sofia released an EP of beautifully dark and subtle  pop songs called The Sugar Sea and the from the foundation of the second track, “Stains”, a new video was born. Conceptually Sofia’s and aided with editing and support from Ciarán O’Brien and Niamh McShane, the clip finds the artist in bleak surroundings; visual metaphors that conjure Lars von Trier.

This is Sofia’s most brilliant and well thought out visual to date. Hand in glove with the lyrical landscape. Insecurity, isolation and that need to move forward with those seemingly permanent dysfunctional memories lingering.

Wipe off the dust and spit out the sour taste,
you can make it vanish, you can make it all okay,
but the stains that you left, I don’t want to wash them away.

Maija Sofia the film maker; the natural progression.


cover foto by Rosa Jones

article foto by The OB



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