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20. August 2016 By Walter Price 0

Happy Birthday Global Texan Chronicles

Happy Birthday Happy Birthday Numéro Trois GTC   by Walter Price   Hi, and Wow! It was just three short and strange years ago that after being out of the music business for a couple years I decided my music itch was too strong and started this never all that elegant blog Global Texan Chronicles. The GTC has been and will always be a spot for talking about really great, real, tactile music from all around this beautiful orb we all call home (allegedly). No era or genres ignored (not purposely anyway). It is You, the friends of The GTC that have made the past three years possible. So, HUGE appreciation bubbles and heart-shaped adulation whispers for you. And, then there are the super great music lovin’ contributors we must send love to. So Thank You Alle RoyaleMaria Haskins (w/ Maria Savva & Darcia Helle), J.P. Kallio, Lisa Black, Marc Griffiths, Jenafur Adams, Ken Michaels and A. Michael Uhlmann. You make the rockin’ world go round… And thank you to all the other one-off contributors as well, We’ll keep the light on… Thanks again friends, may the force be with us all.   GTC logo design by The Blank Tapes‘ Matt Adams     . social media translations

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