post pop depression review
7. June 2016 By Walter Price 0

VIDEO: Iggy Pop American Valhalla

Iggy Pop post pop depression reviewDeath is the pill that’s tough to swallow / Is there anybody in there?

by Walter Price


No secret Iggy Pop’s latest album Post Pop Depression is the Godfather of Punk’s most personal album to date and is certainly the outright most intriguing release of the year. An album that seems full of personalized history from a musician who has traveled places and persevered struggles, music business climates and weathered storms that most musicians would wither from.

Pop’s “American Valhalla” is a deep thirsty growl searching for answers tale immortalized now in a new Ruth Bell starring video directed by Jamie-James Medina. The clip offers a fascinating back drop to the single. I wouldn’t have had the inclination to find a link between Pop’s story in  “American Valhalla” and the 1963 Dick Tiger / Gene Fullmer Middleweight boxing match, but it is poignantly a match.

Medina said this about the connection over at Nowness, “”There is so much history in Iggy’s voice and that seems to be a theme throughout his new record—the contender or the survivor or the last man standing. Iggy remembers watching the fight, which is incredible.”






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