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7. June 2016 By Walter Price 0

Sleeping Lessons Breathe

Sleeping Lessons musicI probably said too much / And you, you don’t say anything…

by Walter Price


Previously, I found tons of new music at the record shop and Kmart by digging through the racks and if the album cover struck my fancy I’d plop down the $5-6 and go home and explore its virtues. This is now and unfortunately my ‘record shop’ is mostly the internet and press emails.. But as the Stereophonics like to say, “C’est la vie”.

Seattle’s Sleeping Lessons have super attractive artwork by Tim Manthey for their new single “Breathe”; it caught my nostalgicsleeping lessons music wandering eye immediately. I immersed myself, and I had no idea what I was in for.

“Breathe” (from their debut Red Sprites) is a classic feeling synth-pop song with dark edges palpitating and thriving within vocalist Charlie Deane’s obvious personal strife. You can almost touch the emotion from first listen. Realism that hurts and inspires me. You see, I didn’t read the backstory before I heard the track and the tragedy turned art expression is heartbreaking. Painfully so, the song now makes even more sense than before. There is no true textbook education on how to handle the loss of a child.

To quote their press release, “Following the death of his son, lead singer and guitarist Charlie Deane prescribed himself music as therapy, and the band’s debut album, Red Sprites, is the product of that personal development.”

I think we’d all be safe in understanding that “Breathe” is a beautiful and haunting expression of bewildered hope and patience …Breathe in, breathe out.


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